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Mästocka - Västralt

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After several kilometres on various roads, the trail follows old paths, sometimes up on boulder ridges. Towards the end it crosses two rivers – first the Krokån and then the Lagan immediately after. The Lagan is the southernmost river in Halland, and is also popular for canoeing. The last stretch up to Västralt is relatively steep.

Things worth seeing on this stage:

Mejeribacken - Dairy hill

Bollaltebygget - old farm from the 1700s

Old stone bridge

Esker - created at Ice Age

Dead cairn

Groove by the River Krokån

Knäred church ruins


A beautiful campsite in Mästocka by Lake Björsjön with a bathing spot and jetty there, as well as in Västralt. There is a shelter here for 4–5 adults, a fireplace with firewood and a composting toilet.

Hotell Freden, Knäred, +46 (0)430 504 00

Flammabadets Camping, Knäred, +46 (0)707 73 60 33

Mästocka Bygdegård, Mästocka, +46 (0)70 920 32 65, or on e-mail:

20 km


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Slipränna vid Krokån
Knäreds kyrkoruin

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