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Gyltige - Assman

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    11 km

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Länsstyrelsen Halland Örjan Fritz

This section begins with an easy walk on the along the embankment of the former Bolmenbanan railway. The embankment runs along a rift valley containing four elongated lakes: Gyltigesjön, Töddesjön, Simlången and Brearedssjön. The Fylleån river flows through these lakes on its way to the sea. The trail turns south in the village of Simlångsdalen, and crosses Fylleån. The surroundings begin to change along the lovely Assman river, a tributary of Fylleån, turning to a mixed forest of pine and spruce, as well as oak, beech and birch. Take a break if you'd like at Danska Fall, where you can read how the waterfall got its name. Towards the end you enter the Gårdshult Nature Reserve, which contains both a wild natural landscape and older agricultural land that is still being farmed the old way.

Things worth seeing on this stage:

The lakes Simlången, Töddesjön and Gyltigesjö and the valley

Bolmenbanan - the old railway to Bolmen

Hules norra's Nature Reserve

The village Simlångsdalen

Danska fall - the Danish waterfall

Gårdshult's Nature Reserve


Beautiful campsite in Gyltige. There are two shelters opposite each other here, with a fireplace in the middle. Note that there is at present no shelter etc. at Assman, which is the end of the stage.

Tallhöjdens Värdshus, Simlångsdalen, +46 35-702 45

Skallinge Gårds Timmerstuga Eco Lodge , Skallinge 1,5 km from the trail, +46 702 354 701

11 km


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  • Danska Fall




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Utsikt över Gyltigesjön som tillhör de tre sjöarna kring Simlångdalen
Leden går igenom Hules norra naturreservat
Utsikt över sjön Simlången
Vandring genom Gårdshult med ån Assman nedan

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