Important information

Check the status of the trail below before you set out on a hike

Nya vindskyddet i Långanskogen

Lighting fires and public access rights - important information!

When the ground is very dry, please check the latest rules regarding lighting fires outside. Always ensure you have fires safely and use the fireplaces provided along the trail, and make sure that the fire has been extinguished before leaving the site. One good way of keeping track of the current status is to download the Brandrisk Ute app. More information about lighting fires and the app is available here »

Drinking (potable) water at Nösslinge Church

It is now possible to refill your water bottle at Nösslinge Church. Outside the church, there is a red service building with a water fountain on the long side. The church is located about 1 kilometer from the shelter at Gällarpesjön, at which no drinking water is available. If you arrive from the south, coming from Åkulla, it is an approximately 500 meter detour from the trail to get water at the church, before continuing to the shelter at Gällarpesjön.

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New route between Stättared and Dranstugan

The trail has a new route just north of the Dranstugan camping place. The trail now leaves the road and goes through the forest. The new route is shown in blue on the map below. The map on the website has been updated with the new route, but the old route still appears on the paper maps that were printed in July 2021.