Important information

Read the status of the trail below before heading out

Stage: Dranstugan - Gällarpesjön

The route for this stage was changed in the summer of 2019. See the new route here on the website’s map or on the image below, where it is marked in blue. However, the old route is included in the new printed maps for 2019.

Stage: Assman - Mästocka

In the new map material for this stage, a small stretch of the trail just north of Bjärsjö has been incorrectly marked in the paper map. See the picture below where the correct route is marked in blue, and only follow the orange markings on the trail..

Fires and the Right of Public Access – important!

When the ground is starting to get dry, keep up to date on what rules apply to making fires in the countryside. One tip is to download the Brandrisk Ute (Outdoor Fire Risk) app (in Swedish); read more about making fires and the app here »

Stage: Ästad – Skattagård and Ästad – Åkulla

The shelter and picnic area at Ästad/Lake Byasjön will be moved. In 2019 Varberg Municipality will be building a new shelter in a new location in Ästad. Until this has been completed, hikers should turn to Ästad Vingård for overnight accommodation. For more information, please contact Varberg Municipality.