Hike with your dog

You can absolutely bring your dog on a hike, as the perfect companion who never complains of blisters or bad weather.

Övernattning i vindskydd Photo: Hanna Erixson

Hike with your dog

But there are a few things to consider before you head out on a longer hike along the Hallandsleden trail with your dog.

For a day trip on the Hallandsleden trail, neither dog nor owner need any major preparations, but dogs in poor physical condition, dogs who are not yet fully grown, or who have joint or other pain that emerges after exertion should not be taken on longer walks. Remember that a dog who does not usually walk more than a few kilometres per day will probably not be able to handle strenuous, long walks in the forest and terrain.


For a day trip, it’s sufficient to bring food, water and a good leash. Longer journeys on foot will require more preparation, however. Below is a list of things you may want to pack for your four-legged friend.  

Suggested packing list for a longer hike with your dog

• Dog food, prepare and measure the right quantity.

• Leash.

• Treats.

• Water bottle, if it will be hot. In summer, wells may be dried out or unfit for drinking.

• Food bowl, can also be filled with water and to dampen paws if it is hot and a long distance to the next stream.

• Towel for drying paws and a wet dog if it rains.

• Harness, both for you and your dog to keep your hands free. A backpack carrier is better if you also don’t want to hold the leash with one arm the whole time.

• Poop bags.

• Tick remover.

• Rain gear/heat gear.

• First aid kit.

• For longer hikes, there are packs the dog can wear itself, which can be purchased from pet stores. This could allow the dog to carry its own food, for example.

Where should I hike?

Remember to look up the hiking trail carefully before you depart. The Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) rules say that dogs must be leashed or under strict supervision in nature (in practice, never more than 1 metre from the owner) between 1 March - 20 August. This also applies to pastures with grazing livestock.

Please respect these rules and do not unleash your dog. The leash requirement is to protect animals during their most vulnerable time, as they are birthing their young. A dog with a keen hunting instinct should always be leashed in forests and land. At other times, it is preferable to leash your dog. If it is loose, it must be under strict supervision so that it does not disrupt wildlife.

Special rules may apply to swimming beaches, in nature reserves and national parks. Read more on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

Stay overnight with your dog on the Hallandsleden trail

You can spend the night with your dog in a shelter along the trail as long as the dog is supervised and not disturbing other hikers.

Sleeping in a tent with your dog is also a good alternative, and in this case it is good to accustom your dog to the tent so that everyone has a restful night’s sleep. Remember that wet dogs tend to get equipment inside the tent or shelter wet, so bring a towel to dry off your dog.

Dogs are welcome in some accommodation facilities, but look this up when booking your stay along the trail.