FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Where there is water, shelters, and I can pitch a tent wherever I want?

Is there water along the trail?

Yes, at certain camp and rest areas and other locations. If you go to the "Map" on the website and select the category "Water," you can see where to refill your water bottle.  

How far can I hike in one hour?

Expect to walk about 4 km per hour on a lowland trail like Hallandsleden.  

Where are the wind shelter and picnic sites?

Go to the "Map" and choose the category "Wind shelter w. fireplace" or "Picnic site." 

What is available at Wind shelter w. fireplace?

There is a shelter, sometimes two, designed for about 4-5 adults per shelter, a dry toilet, a fireplace, and an information board. There is drinking water, fire woods and garbage bins at some campsites; check the "Map" for locations.  

Why is there no firewood at some campsites?

Those responsible for managing Hallandsleden ensure that there is firewood at all shelters. Currently, not all municipalities have the means to provide firewood, but the ambition is to do so in the near future.

Unfortunately, theft of firewood occurs, contributing to its occasional absence. Uneven consumption and sometimes excessive burning also contribute. Visitors cannot always assume there will be firewood at the campsite when they plan to stay. If there is a fire ban, the firewood is removed. 

Can I expect to find space in the shelters at the campsites?

No. Usually, there is only one shelter at Hallandsleden campsites, accommodating about 4-5 people. These cannot be reserved. During peak season, it's recommended to bring a tent if you plan to sleep outdoors.  

Can I set up my tent anywhere?

You can camp for a short period in nature under the Right of Public Access. However, camping in large groups with many tents requires permission from the landowner. Avoid disturbing the landowner or damaging nature. Choose to pitch your tent on durable ground, not in grazing land, agriculture, or plantations. The tent site should not be too close to residential buildings. Note: overnight stays are often prohibited in nature reserves. It is often possible to pitch a tent near the prepared campsites along the trail, close to toilets, garbage bins, and drinking water. Remember to take your trash with you. Use biodegradable detergent and avoid washing too close to watercourses.

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Can I bring my dog on the hike?

Dogs are great companions during a hike. Follow the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's guidelines to keep the dog on a leash from March 1 to August 20 to protect wildlife and their offspring. Even during other times of the year, keep the dog under supervision to prevent it from chasing wildlife. Be considerate of other people along the trail, as some may be afraid of dogs. Exercise caution when passing through pastures. Cows and horses are often curious about dogs and may approach. Sometimes, especially if calves or foals are present, this curiosity can turn into aggressive behavior. Maintain a significant distance!

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Is cycling and horseback riding allowed on Hallandsleden?

The general rule for the Right of Public Access is to "not disturb, not destroy." Trails, wetlands, and sensitive areas are easily damaged. The agreements between Hallandsleden and landowners only include hiking. Therefore, it is recommended to refrain from cycling and horseback riding along Hallandsleden to avoid conflicts with landowners. In any potential conflict with landowners, you cannot claim the right to cycle/ride on Hallandsleden based on the municipalities, which are the ones that have made the agreements and maintain the trail.

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Can I hike on Hallandsleden during hunting season?

There may be hunting in the forests during the period of August to January . Both moose and deer hunting involve the use of dogs. It is crucial for guests on someone else's land to show consideration for hunters and their working dogs. Never disturb a hunting dog. Also, do not take care of a hunting dog - it will find its way home! The first weeks of hunting are the most intense, but some actively hunt until January. To avoid unnecessary disruption to the hunt, it is recommended to use only the campsites arranged along the trail for overnight stays.

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Where do I buy Hallandsleden's paper maps?

The trail is described in three paper maps, one for each section: Northern, Middle, and Southern. The maps are sold at tourist offices in Halland and Gothenburg. For those who want to head out on the trail spontaneously and cannot wait to have the paper map sent to them, simpler PDF maps are available for printing for each stage.

Link to map ordering.

Along which parts of Hallandsleden are there good accommodation options for me if I want to hike for several consecutive days without having to stay in shelters or tents?

There are good accommodation options along the entire trail. Some places have accommodation right along the trail, while others are a bit further away. Select "Accommodation" on the "Map" to get an overview of all accommodation along the trail. You can then plan your hike/stage based on the locations of accommodation facilities. Some accommodation facilities already have hiking packages you can book or can assist with your planning.