Hike in Stättared

Stättareds 4H-Gård med härliga vandringar runt knuten

The Hallandsleden trail passes the beautiful area around Stättareds 4H Farm.

Stättared is the perfect starting point if you want to begin hiking in nature

Hallandsleden passes by the farm, making Stättared a great place for nature lovers to spend the night. You can choose between sleeping in the youth hostel or in your sleeping bag in the shelter on the beach, with views of the sunrise. A separate side path leads up to Stättared 4H Farm from the trail. You can also start your Hallandsleden hike here; car parking is available at a fee. Read more (in Swedish) on Stättared’s website under Hitta hit (Getting here). Stättared is 30 km from Kungsbacka.

There are several delightful walking and hiking trails centering around the farm, everything from 2.5 km pram-friendly trails to 20 km ones. An example is Sjörundan – a yellow-signposted trail of 4.3 km that mainly sticks to paths. The trail goes alongside the shore of Lake Hornssjön, passing three hills with beautiful views and a few places for bathing. In the section furthest away, the trail passes through Vitsippsdalen valley, as well as three crofts. 

At Stättared’s Farm you can also see horses, rabbits, cows, chickens, pigs, sheep and goats. Families with dogs are welcome at the youth hostel. The small cafe is open at the weekends during spring and autumn and daily during summer. There are two lakes: a small one and a slightly bigger one where you can go canoeing and fishing. You can rent canoes and buy fishing permits at the farm.

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Travel sustainably

Take the bus to Stättared and the Hallandsleden trail, plan your trip with Reseplaneraren (Trip Planner).

Bus from Kungsbacka or Horred, line 744, “Backen” stop. It’s a 4.4 km walk from the stop to the farm.Bus from Kungsbacka, line 746, “Stättaredsvägen” stop. It’s a 2.6 km walk from the stop to the farm.