Fires and the Right of Public Access

The following should be kept in mind when lighting fires and please use the prepared fireplaces by shelters and rest areas.

Fires and the Right of Public Access

It is important to choose a fire site with no risk of the fire spreading or damaging the ground and vegetation. Gravel or sandy sites are suitable places.

Moss, peat or soil in forestland are not as good. They pose not only a risk of the fire easily spreading, but can also smoulder into the ground and flame up later.

Do not light a fire directly on – or beside – flat pieces of rock or large boulders! They can fracture and develop wounds that never heal.

You may use fallen pine cones and loose twigs and branches from the ground as firewood. But it is not permitted to saw down trees or bushes, or to use branches, twigs or bark from living trees. Nor is it permitted to use fallen trees as wood.

Fire ban

If there is a risk of forest fires, a fire ban may be instated. This is common in dry weather. Fire bans are issued by the county administrative board or municipal rescue services. In the event of a fire ban all open fires are banned, including fires in the prepared fireplaces.

You can find information about fire risks or fire bans on the municipality and county administrative board’s websites, or with the municipality’s rescue services.

Camping sites and tourist agencies often also have information about fire risks.

Special rules in national parks and nature reserves

Fire bans also include national parks and nature reserves. In these areas, special rules for fires usually also apply. They may be completely banned or only permitted in certain prepared fire locations.

You can see what applies on the notice boards in the area. You can also find more information about these rules from the municipality or county administrative board.

More information

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s website has grass fire risk predictions. There is also a folder on fires and the Right of Public Access in six languages and an app you can download to monitor fire risks in the forest and land.

Fire risk predictions, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

Brochure in Swedish from Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, “Fires and Right of Public Access”

Brandrisk Ute (app from MSB)

Source: The text above is from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s website, 30 November 2018